PHP Best Practices That You Must Follow

PHP is the most widely-used language for programming on the web. There are many beginners or even experienced PHP developers who don’t bother to follow the best practices of the language, either unintentionally or intentionally. And it’s really very difficult…

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There are a number of IDE’s available for PHP development. In this article we’ll discuss about some free/open-source and some paid IDE’s that might help you in selecting the best. A wisely selected IDE will help you increase productivity while…

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WAMP does not start

A lot of time you might face a trouble that WAMP will not start. The Wamp icon may be red or yellow prompting that there is some trouble in starting the WAMP properly. Sometime even the icon is green but…

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parse Retrieving Objects Using PHP CURL

If you have already created and object, you can retrieve its records by sending a GET request to the object URL. For this tutorial I will assume that you already have an account. Follow the below mentioned steps to…

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parse Create New Object Using PHP CURL is an external BaaS (Backend as a service) provider. provides REST API that lets you interact with from anything that can send an HTTP request. In this tutorial we will send and HTTP request to using PHP…

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