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Parse.com Retrieving Objects Using PHP CURL

If you have already created and object, you can retrieve its records by sending a GET request to the object URL. For this tutorial I will assume that you already have an Parse.com account. Follow the below mentioned steps to get an Application Id ans REST API key: Sign In to Parse.com Move to Dashobard […]

Parse.com Create New Object Using PHP CURL

Parse.com is an external BaaS (Backend as a service) provider. Parse.com provides REST API that lets you interact with Parse.com from anything that can send an HTTP request. In this tutorial we will send and HTTP request to Parse.com using PHP CURL. This tutorial assumes that you have Parse.com account. Follow the below mentioned steps to […]

WordPress Permalinks

WordPress Permalinks are the permanent URL’s to the individual posts, pages, as well as categories and other lists of the WordPress blog postings. It is called permalink because the URL to each post should be permanent, and never change — hence permalink. Different web server use different modules for creating permalinks. Permalinks are available under: […]

How-To: Write a WordPress Plugin

WordPress Plugins help us to easily modify , customize and enhance the WordPress Blog. We can use the WordPress Plugins to add functionality to WordPress instead of the modifying the core programming of the WordPress. If you need a specific functionality for your blog you must first search WordPress Repository for existing plugins to see […]

How-To: Create a WordPress Theme in 5 minutes

It is fairly easy to create a WordPress Theme. A few things before you need a template are: Create a layout of your blog by figuring out what is to be placed where. Create a HTML layout based on the above layout. A sample layout which we are using in this tutorial can be seen […]

How-to: Create Multiple Dynamic Sidebars for WordPress Widgets

In this post we will learn how to create multiple dynamic sidebars for WordPress widgets which will in turn help you customize your WordPress Theme even more. Follow the under mentioned simple steps: Edit functions.php for Multiple Dynamic Sidebars The functions.php in a theme usually comes with a code to add at least one sidebar widget. We […]