Retrieving Objects Using PHP CURL

If you have already created and object, you can retrieve its records by sending a GET request to the object URL.

For this tutorial I will assume that you already have an account. Follow the below mentioned steps to get an Application Id ans REST API key:

  1. Sign In to
  2. Move to Dashobard
  3. Create a New App
  4. Copy Application ID, Client Key and REST API Key

The code below will send a PHP CURL GET request to REST API of Parse.  You have to place you Application ID and REST API Key with the placeholders. You can run this code on a PHP server

The response body is a JSON object containing all the user-provided fields, plus the createdAt, updatedAt, and objectId fields. A sample response body is shown below:

If the object you are retrieving have pointers to children,  then you can fetch child objects by using the include option. For example, to fetch the object pointed to by the “game” key: